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Boku to Wanko:Doggie Collector [Boku to Wanko means Me to Doggies in English] is a similar mobile game to Neko Atsume. You can collect dogs by visiting the app several times a day! You can put out different kinds of food and toys for them to attract new breeds. Try it out!

It is currently available for free in English and Japanese. There are in-app purchases, but only for Golden Bones.

Quick NotesEdit

It's a very simple and easy game to play with no money necessary to put into it. You attract dogs into your yard - and later house - by first having out food and then also having toys. Food is the most important as it attracts different kinds of dogs and it will automatically kick out any visiting dogs once there is no more food.

The different toys will attract different breeds. Each breed has 3 toys it will play with, and each toy attracts 2-3 breeds of dog.

The in-game currency is in Bones and Golden Bones. Golden Bones are a bit harder to come by and are used to buy the 2 additional rooms, certain toys, and fancier food.

Sometimes, cats may appear in your yard to steal the food. Tap on them to shoo them away and refill the bowl.

As of 2018, there have been no major updates or fixes to the following bugs that will help you out:

  • Unlike Neko Atsume, dogs can come and go while you have the app open. If you are out of a menu, the screen will read "A few minutes later..." and a dog will have arrived to play with a toy.
  • You can gain a Golden Bone by tweeting out a picture of your dog after saving it to the photo album. However, you only need to select the tweet button then close the screen that appears next or close the game. You will gain a Golden Bone without needing to tweet any pictures!
  • Gifts must be collected often. Each dog breed will only leave one gift at a time and not return until it has been collected.

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